Corporate responsibility at SPT

Who we are

We craft micro-miniature components on another scale, to keep people and things functioning perfectly, longer.

Our purpose

We operate a technology platform for manufacturing micro-miniature parts in ceramics and other high performance materials.

We develop and produce customized components to unlock performance on another scale for our customers in semiconductor, medical and high-precision applications.

We aim for customer satisfaction on another scale, through technology leadership, product reliability and dedicated service.

Our organization consists of highly motivated people, who are fascinated with advanced technology and are bound by a set of common principles.

Our vision

We maintain global leadership in semiconductor bonding tools and strive to expand use of high performance ceramics in medical devices and high-precision applications.

We continuously improve quality, productivity and product preformance and develop next generation high precision manufacturing technologies.

We are committed to advancing standards in safety and environmental protection and want to be an attractive employer that invests in hiring, builiding and nurturing top talent.

How we create value

High performance requirements
  • Work closely with customers to establish a deep understanding of their application requirements
  • Unique capabilities in micro-miniature parts, based on a selection of materials with superior biological, mechanical and wear properties
Design to performance, based on latest ceramics technology
  • Holistic industrialization service from concept to series manufacturing, developing and qualifying a customized manufacturing process based on injection molding in 3-6 months
  • End-to-end in-house engineering capability offers superior speed and “first-time-right” delivery
High volume manufacturing at global scale
  • Unique capabilities to scale series production to millions of pieces within 12 months
  • Only player with global presence in Europe, America and Asia offering customer proximity, optimal cost base and on demand regional supply chain
Quality, reliability, responsibility
  • Recognized market leader in quality and consistency of supply
  • ISO13485 certified for industrialization and manufacturing of medical devices
  • People culture and corporate responsibility rooted on “Swiss family” history, with very low material and energy intensity of revenue

Our operations

World map
Affiliated company for ceramics and metal manufacturing
group headquarters
ceramics and metal manufacturing for medical devices and precision applications
167 employees
bonding tools customization and manufacturing
524 employees
bonding tools customization and manufacturing
95 employees
bonding tool manufacturing
337 employees
bonding tools support
5 employees