Corporate responsibility at SPT


Sustainable business practices are the foundation of our long-term success.


Our organizational roots extend back over a century, marked by dedication to quality, reliability, and precision. We are committed to sustainable business practices as a basis for long-term business success:

  • We ensure compliance with all relevant regulations, industry standards and international policies
  • We design products with high added value, that are safe to use and minimize the impact on the environment
  • We rely on continuous improvement of methods and processes and our ISO certified management system
  • We behave according to our code of conduct

Progress to date

We have identified the Material Topics to prioritize and drive ESG improvements.

Progress graph
Green house gas emissions
  • Electricity supply in CH from 100% renewable sources
  • Investing in on-site PV generation
  • EV-charging ports for employees
Energy and material efficiency
  • Full feedstock scrap recycling
  • Environmentally conscious packaging
  • Full production heat recycling and geothermal cooling on CH site
Ethical material sourcing
  • Implementing OECD guidelines
Employee engagement
  • Defined code of conduct
Health & safety
  • Upgraded workplace safety standards in CH
  • Consistent incident tracking across sites
Data security
  • Upgraded IT infrastructure to latest standards
  • Implemented Data Privacy policy
ESG and Audit governance & process
  • Implemented management structure to track ESG priorities
  • Started regular financial audits