Corporate responsibility at SPT

At a glance

A team of 1200 people, fascinated with advanced technology, delivering performance on another scale.

High performance requirements

1.5 m

On average, SPT capillary is good for 1.5 million touchdowns


SPT dental bracket material reaches 99% translucency, while being tough and bio compatible

State of the art technology


AI based automatic sorting of 60% of parts for selected articles

13 to 5

New optical machining technology reduces the number of capillary production steps from 13 to 5

High volume manufacturing


We produce more than 800'000 precision parts in a typical week.


We maintain nearly 0% return rate on our products

Quality, reliability, responsibility

Our environmental and safety performance KPIs

Total electricity consumptionMWh2'2262'7231'6633266'938
% of electricity from renewablespercent11%3%
Total energy consumption (Incl heat)MWh2'3532'7231'6633267'065
Total water consumptionm32'57617'66614'35021534'807
Treated effluentsm3620400210
% of recycled materialspercent>60%15%00-
Number of environmental incidentsnumber00000
Number of safety incidentsnumber10113